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Bistro Coffee Grinder

Bistro Coffee Grinder

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Coffee lovers may differ over their preferred method of brewing, but they all agree on one thing: the best tasting coffee comes from freshly ground beans. For a robust, aromatic cup of joe that’s bursting with flavour, make the BISTRO blade grinder part of your at-home coffee routine.

With its neat, compact design and sleek aesthetic, this electric coffee grinder looks great in your kitchen and is simple and user-friendly to operate. The blade grinder features a stainless steel cutting blade that spins at a precise RPM, taking your coffee beans from coarse to fine at the touch of a button.

Operated with a simple pulse control and transparent lid, it’s easy to achieve the desired coarseness of your beans, making this the best electric coffee grinder for ease and simplicity.

Main Features
- Neat, compact blade grinder that holds 60g coffee beans
- Uses a durable, stainless steel blade that spins at a precise RPM
- Simple push button control for pulse or continuous grind
- Transparent lid making it easy to achieve the desired coarseness of your beans
- Convenient cord storage in the base
- Made of stainless steel, plastic and rubber

Use & Care
Always disconnect the blade grinder and clean after each use. Never immerse the electric coffee grinder in water; simply clean the metal container with a soft brush and wipe clean with a damp cloth.

How It Works
The BISTRO blade coffee grinder delivers outstanding results from a simple process.

1. Place up to 60g coffee beans into the grinder and secure the lid.
2. Press the power button until your grounds have reached the desired consistency – you can use a pulse action or a continuous grind up to 60 seconds.
3. Pour the grounds into your preferred coffee maker and brew a delicious cup of coffee.